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Moria & Angmar ( English )

Moria & Angmar ( English )

GAMES WORKSHOP , Lord Of The Rings

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výrobca: Gammes workshop
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The Lord of the Rings: Moria & Angmar

The Misty Mountains have ever been home to evil things. From the malicious Goblins that prey on unsuspecting Dwarves, to the colossal might of the Balrog of Morgoth, the Mines of Moria are a dangerous place to be at the best of times. Many travellers choose to avoid the route altogether, but instead find themselves confronted by the twisted armies of Angmar, a dark and forbidding land that's home to Trolls, Wargs and Undead spirit creatures kept alive by the will of the Witch King.

This 48-page Sourcebook for The Lord of the Rings contains all the rules you'll need to field an army from Moria and Angmar (including Goblins, Trolls, Dragons, Undead spirits and the mighty Balrog), as well as detailed background information and scenarios.

You must possess a copy of The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game in order to use the contents of this book.

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