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Kharibdyss / War Hydra

Kharibdyss / War Hydra


cena: 52,00 € s DPH
výrobca: Gammes workshop
kód: 99120212008

Kharibdyss / War Hydra

Dark Elves make great use of monsters within their armies. The Kharibdyss is one such example, dragged from the depths of the oceans it is brutish and slow-witted, and rampages through terrified enemy battle lines. The War Hydra is notoriously difficult to slay, as each time a foe chops off one of its many fire breathing heads another swiftly grows back in its place.
The Dark Elf Kharibdyss and War Hydra miniatures share the same body, but the additional details allow you to make one of these unique creatures. The Kharibdyss is notable for having 5 heads. There are 4 small heads, each of individual design, and one larger head that is covered in spikes and has an extended lower jaw. To make the Kharibdyss look like the sea-dwelling creature that it is, there is a specific chest plate, left and right front talons, set of back spines, and spines to add to the legs. The tail is also unique to the Kharibdyss.
The War Hydra has 6 heads, all of which are of individual designs. The extra details are designed to look like fleshy, spiked membrane, setting it apart from the Kharibdyss' webbed appeareance. It has a specific chest plate, left and right front talons, set of back spines, and spines to add to the legs. There is also a specific tail to add to the War Hydra.
Whichever version of this kit you assemble there are two Dark Elf Beastmasters included. One is armed with two whipes, whilst the other brandishes a chained spear. Such fearsome weapons are required to keep their ferocious beasts in check.
This plastic kit contains 58 components with which to make a Kharibdyss, or War Hydra.

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