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Witch Elves / Sisters of Slaughter

Witch Elves / Sisters of Slaughter


cena: 45,50 € s DPH
výrobca: Gammes workshop
kód: 99120212007

Witch Elves / Sisters of Slaughter

Witch Elves are the cruellest of all the Dark Elves. They live only to serve Khaine through the bloody sacrifice of their enemies. The Sisters of Slaughter are experts in deadly hand to hand fighting. Taken from the gladiatorial arenas of Nagarroth, they fight with a murderous prowess.
This box set contains enough parts to make either 10 Witch Elves, or 10 Sisters of Slaughter. The Witch Elves are each armed with a pair of daggers, and there are 12 heads (6 of which are individual designs). Each head has an additional head-dress and The Hag, who leads the regiment, can be denoted by using the version with 4 spikes (rather than the standard 3).
The Sisters of Slaughter are armed with whips and shields, and each wears a fully enclosed mask. There are 16 masked heads (8 of which are individual designs), and enough whips and shields for each member of the regiment. The Handmaiden of Shards is armed with a twin-tailed whip, and her mask features a forked tongue.
Also included in this box set are 2 banners, 3 individual banner tops, and a horn to denote the regiment's musician.
This plastic kit contains 67 components with which to make a 10 woman Witch Elf regiment, or Sisters of Slaughter regiment. Also included is 1 Dark Elves transfer sheet with which to add a variety of shield and banner designs.

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